3D by Carlos Morell, Oil on Canvas [Original]

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Spanish artist, borned the 24 of January of 1957 in Spain, Palma de Mallorca (city) the European Habsburg and Bourbon dynasty, In his family,there are three great painters who have been worked for the king. When he was a child, he shows great talent of painting and musics.
Graduated of Barcelona university of Art, he went back to Mallorca, open a gallery and paint again, under the influence of art master and printmaker Juan Miro, his painting full of rich imagination, delicate brush strokes, great composition, romantic color, and the joy of happiness and life.
The year of 2006, it was the first time he came to china, the special history and culture attract him a lot, at 2009, he authorized as honor professor of Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts
His artwork have been collected by the Balearic Islands Government of Spain, White House, Shanghai Art Museum, Liu Haisu Art Museum, Shanghai Museum of Natural History.