Water Lilies, Evening Effect by Claude Monet

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Artist: Claude Monet
Print Size L: 27 x 19 3/4 inch
Finished Size L: 32 x 25 x 1 3/4 inch
Art Material: Giclée printing on Primary Quality Canvas
Frame Type: Victorian Style Gold Frame




Artist:                      Claude Monet

Title:                        Water Lilies, Evening Effect

Year:                        1897 - 1899

Artist Nationality:  France

Subject:                   Impressionism; Landscape & Nature

Art Shape:               Rectangle

Art Color:                 Earth Tone/Gold

Frame Type:            Victorian Style Gold Frame

Print Size:                27 x 19 3/4 inch

Finished Size:         32 x 25 x 1 3/4 inch

Art Technique:        Oil Painting

Art Material:            Giclée printing on Primary Quality Canvas

Collector:                 Not Available   

Published by:          UpperPin     

Limited Edition:      1000

Claude Monet gave the Impressionist movement its name and was one of its most successful and best-known artists. Before Impressionism was fashionable or accepted by the artistic elite, Monet was on the forefront of this revolutionary style. Paintings such as Impression Sunrise and La Gare Saint-Lazare exemplify the Impressionist style, with their hazy portrayals of light, air, and motion, allowing the essential elements of the work to shine through. These works drew harsh criticism from many of Monet's contemporaries, but some realized that Monet was exploring a whole new way to paint.

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